The Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale welcomes you.

The Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale came into existence on 1st January 2022 with the merging of the legacy Presbyteries of Hamilton and Lanark. General Assembly willing, it will also include the Presbytery of Falkirk after General Assembly 2022.

On this page you will find information relating to the new Presbytery as it takes its first steps. Contact information is available at the bottom of the page.

Join us live

On Saturday 17 June you can watch our Presbytery Meeting Live and join in our worship. We will be broadcasting our opening worship (10am) and Business Session (10:30am – 12noon) as well as our closing worship (around 3:30pm).

Access the live stream

Proposed co-Moderators

After seeking guidance from the Principal Clerk and observing that the new Presbytery will have no past Moderators to supply support or cover in the event that the new Moderator was unavailable, it was proposed that for the first term only the new Presbytery would be served by two co-Moderators. The subgroup undertook detailed work of considering names of those who had the knowledge, skills and experience within the Presbyteries of Hamilton and Lanark paying close attention to location, gender, role in the Church and other criteria.

It is proposed that the names of Rev Dr Shaw J Paterson, Minister at Strathaven: Trinity and Mr James Watt, Elder at Cairngryffe (Carmichael) be presented at the first meeting of the Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale for approval and subsequent installation as co-Moderators.

Interim Presbytery Clerk arrangements

The Presbytery of Hamilton and the Presbytery of Lanark granted powers to the Joint Presbytery Transition Group in order to put in place appropriate interim Clerking arrangements for the new Presbytery.

Staffing discussions continue but at this time, Rev. Bryan Kerr, formally Presbytery Clerk of Lanark Presbytery, has been appointed as the Depute Presbytery Clerk and will be acting as Interim Presbytery Clerk for the initial period.

Contacting the Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale

The contact details for the Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale are:

Presbytery Office:
Rex House, 103 Bothwell Road. Hamilton. ML3 ODW
01698 285672

From 1st January 2022, anyone contacting the Presbytery should the new Presbytery e-mail address above. This email will be monitored by the Interim Presbytery Clerk and team, and dealt with appropriately.

Any matters specifically for the Presbytery of Falkirk should be directed to [email protected] where they will be dealt with by the Clerk to the Presbytery of Falkirk. The Presbytery of Falkirk, whilst working closely with the Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale remains a separate legal entity until a date to be determined by the General Assembly of 2022.

The bounds of the new Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale if the General Assembly of 2022 approves the Presbytery of Falkirk's Overture to join with the former Presbyteries of Lanark and Hamilton.