What is and what is not a complaint?

Examples of complaints

A complaint might be:

What is not a complaint?

A complaint is not:

What doesn't the Church's Complaints Procedure deal with?

The Church's Complaints Procedure is generally for allegations made against individual persons within the Church. Some things which the Church's Complaints Procedure doesn't cover are:

Also, while you can complain about a matter which is already being dealt within the civil or criminal courts (such as the Sheriff Court, High Court of Justiciary, Court of Session or an employment tribunal), such a matter will not normally be dealt with by the Church until the civil or criminal process has been concluded.

Where the complaint should be dealt with under a different process, as mentioned above, the Presbytery Clerk will be able to supply you with the appropriate information about who to contact.

Further information can be found on the complaints page. You can access information about making a complaint on the  making a complaint page.

Text and information adapted from  The Church of Scotland .